Surprisingly, it's more about
the future than the past!

The History of the Ball

what the ball means to our town

The grand Victorian Ball is an experience unlike any other - the opportunity to descend on a tiny Victorian town and spend an evening reliving the past in decadent fashion. But the night is not just for us and the spirits who gaze longingly on our moment in time - it also belongs to the Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center.

The Ball has been the main fundraising event for the Museum for over ten years. Proceeds from this night will continue to help shape the center into viable mainstay of town history. With each event hosted by the Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center, the goal is to refurbish and remodel, bring displays into new light, and keep the center on the up and up for years to come. 

This year, The Ball centers around The Mauch Chunk Bicentennial Celebration as we highlight the history of town celebrating 200 years..


Proceeds from the 2018 Ball will go to further the creation and layout of the Costuming Section as well other exhibits throughout the museum. Funds are also used for general upkeep and maintenance of the museum and the ballroom so that future events are possible.

how you can help

Attending the special events hosted by the Museum is by far the best (and most fun!) way to be a part of the changes we need to make, but patrons can donate at any time to the Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center.


Become a member or a sponsor and help us build a home for the historical treasures of Mauch Chunk and Jim Thorpe alike. Visitors who return year after year are encouraged to leave a lasting mark on a town that belongs to their hearts

as much as the locals who choose to live here.